Building Workforce Competencies

Online Training Opportunities

California Center leadership assembled information about high quality online training materials that may assist transdisciplinary providers in their efforts to become endorsed and to continue to enhance their skills after endorsement. Transdisciplinary Training Online (pdf). These materials are organized into Knowledge Domains, with the hours required for endorsement provided for easy reference. For each training module, video, or podcast we provide an estimate of the length of that training piece. Our hope is that accessing these training materials will help to support individuals (and programs) as they build skills. Most are free, but you may need to register or set up an email account to access them. Those that have a cost associated with their use are noted.

In addition, we have organized a range of shorter video clips, information briefs, and reports that may be used to increase knowledge. These are in the document titled “Other resources for online learning” (pdf) and also include estimates of time for each piece. If you use any of these materials as you apply for endorsement, we ask that you submit the “Questions to Accompany Online Learning Documentation” for each clip or video accessed.