Endorsement Steps for Reflective Practice Mentors (RP Mentors)

Applicants for Reflective Practice Mentor must previously have met criteria for RPF I or II endorsement and be endorsed as either a Transdisciplinary IFECMH Practitioner or IFECMH Specialist.

In addition to the RPF I and II endorsement process, RPF Mentor applicants must submit a short personal statement regarding their qualifications as a mentor, the names of three Reflective Practice Facilitators they mentored (view email verification request), and at least one letter of recommendation (view letter guideline) from a professional who provided mentorship to the applicant during the applicant’s mentor training period. Applicants must also submit a video of a reflective practice facilitation mentoring session (1:1 or group 1<8) and reflective narrative. See the complete Compendium for details about RP Mentor criteria and submission of materials.