Infant-Family and Early Childhood Mental Health Reflective Practice Facilitator I and II

Reflective Practice Facilitators

They are those who support the reflective practice of individuals working with infants, toddlers, young children, and their families and who themselves have training and experience as Mental Health Specialists or Transdisciplinary Mental Health Practitioners, as well as an additional set of trainings and competencies focusing on the reflective practice facilitation process. This role is similar to that of a clinical supervisor, but does not necessarily involve the same set of responsibilities.

Reflective Practice Facilitator I and Reflective Practice Facilitator II:

The RPF I endorsement requires an endorsement as a Transdisciplinary Mental Health Practitioner.

The RPF II endorsement requires an endorsement as an Infant Mental Health Specialist.

Additionally, both the RPF I and RPF II successful applicants must have:

  • Completed 9 hours of training in reflective facilitation
  • Completed 18 hours of reading in reflective facilitation and 2 hours of video/DVD viewing and reviewing on reflective facilitation
  • At least one year of experience providing 24 hours of reflective facilitation to at least 3 practitioners
  • Received at least 12 hours of reflective facilitation/supervision about the reflective facilitation they are providing
  • Been observed by their reflective practice mentor for at least one session (video or audio recordings meet this requirement)
  • Letter of recommendation from a professional who has supervised/mentored or has knowledge of the Reflective Practice Facilitator’s skills.
  • Three emails of verification from people who have received reflective practice facilitation from the applicant to support their work with children and families..
  • The Reflective Practice Facilitator I may provide reflective facilitation for those seeking endorsement as Transdisciplinary Mental Health Practitioners or Reflective Practice Facilitator I.
  • The Reflective Practice Facilitator II may provide reflective facilitation to those seeking endorsement as Transdisciplinary Mental Health Practitioners, Infant Mental Health Specialists, or Reflective Practice Facilitator I or II.

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