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The Diversity-Informed Infant Mental Health Tenets in California

Maria Seymour St. John and Ayannakai Nalo The 163,696 square mile region that presently comprises the State of California has historically been the homeland of many native peoples and tribes including the Modoc, Shasta and Wintu; the Pomo, Ohlone, Miwak … Continue reading

Great information on a parent survey conducted by ZTT

Deadline for Reflective Practice Facilitation Has Been Extended

Deadline for Reflective Practice Facilitation Extended to January 1, 2017 Fueled by the continued need for competence within the 0-5 workforce as well as ongoing national and local policies demanding a high quality 0-5 workforce, the Ca Center has agreed … Continue reading

Home Visiting Challenges

The majority of home visiting programs that exist in the United States target highly vulnerable, at-risk families living in fragile situations. Jones (1997) describes these “psychologically vulnerable” families as individuals who are “experiencing pervasive stress on a daily basis over … Continue reading

DSM-5: A Concise Review of the Changes with a Special Focus on Young Children

The first of several surprises: DSM-5 includes only Axis I Disorders. Axes II, III, IV and V are eliminated and replaced by a developmental conceptualization and organization throughout the manual. The diagnostic chapters begin with disorders common in childhood and … Continue reading

Meeting the Complexity of Supporting Infants, Toddlers, and Families

This is a time of promise for all of us who work with infants, children and families, as the fields of early intervention (EI) and infant mental health (IMH) have burgeoned over the past several decades. As a clinical psychologist … Continue reading

A Brief History of Home Visiting in the United States

In the United States, the origins of home visiting can be traced to several developments in the 1800’s, including the kindergarten, public health nursing and settlement house movements.   Although there were some broad similarities between the three movements, each had … Continue reading

Race to the Top-Early Learning Challenge (RTT-ELC)

California was awarded a $52.6 million federal Race to the Top = Early Learning Challenge (RTT-ELC) Grant in December 2011 and the California Department of Education, Child Development Division is taking the lead in implementing the activities of this grant. … Continue reading

Serving the Best Interests of Infants and Toddlers in the Juvenile Court Dependency System: A Multidisciplinary Team Approach.

This article looks at one legal organization’s attempt to apply best practices in representing infants and toddlers, children ages zero to three, in the dependency proceedings by employing a multidisciplinary team approach for the legal advocacy of these children. All … Continue reading

Feature: California Center Advisory Council Member– JULIE LARRIEU, PhD

California Center Advisory Council Member– JULIE LARRIEU, PhD is a national leader in providing multidisciplinary intervention to infants and their families who have experienced early trauma.  In Louisiana, their infant team has developed a model to collaborate and effectively work … Continue reading