Recommendations for Clinical Experience/Reflective Practice Facilitation

There has been a paradigm shift from solely administrative supervision toward reflective practice facilitation and practice in work with very young children and their families. This is differentiated from the previous field emphasis on administrative supervision, accountability, documentation, and the mechanics of “case management” and is based on practice issues and service provider needs. Reflective practices and related facilitation involve a focus on relationships, qualitative improvement, support, and the investment of self in the intervention and treatment process.

Competent infant-family and early childhood mental health practice needs the triad of knowledge, skills, and mentorship through reflective practice facilitation. Effective application of basic concepts involves the development of interventions at a variety of levels. Such application also requires oversight and feedback, which may occur in the context of an academic setting for coursework (e.g., assessment training) or in supervised clinical settings where the application of information learned in workshops or the academic setting can be more fully developed. This need for reflective practice facilitation is particularly evident as assessment, diagnostic, reporting, and intervention skills are developing. An experienced Infant-Family and Early Childhood Mental Health Reflective Practice Facilitator at Level I is able to guide Transdisciplinary IFECMH Practitioners. Level II Infant-Family and Early Childhood Reflective Practice Facilitators will guide IFECMH Specialists.

Within the context of these training guidelines, facilitation is focused around principles of reflective practice. Reflective practice facilitation of Transdisciplinary IFECMH Practitioners and IFECMH Specialists may be done either individually or in small groups (up to eight participants). Within each set of matrices, clinical experience and reflective practice facilitation practices are outlined with the number of hours required for a minimum level of expertise and for application for the proposed endorsement.

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