Reflective Practice Mentor Endorsement – Applicant Video Requirement

The following are guidelines for the expected content and format of the video that the California Center endorsement review panel will view to support your Reflective Practice Mentor application.

Content of the video should demonstrate your ability to:

  • Facilitate and maintain focus on the work and pacing of the reflective practice conversation. 
  • Include questions that are structured to help someone think and explore his/her work with children and families. 
  • Address concerns with gentle inquiry questions that provide a scaffold of support as your mentee builds reflective practice skills, trans-disciplinary knowledge and awareness of working across systems. 
  • Provide containment as needed.

Length: 20 minutes. Please edit your video before submission.

Confidentiality: Do not use names or identifiable information.

Format: Video must be in a .mov format uploaded to the WestEd Box. When you are ready to upload your file, contact the CA Center and request the link. By giving out the link on an individual basis, we are able to control and maintain confidentiality of the file so that only the evaluators are able to view it. Please label your file this way: Your

Staff will contact you if we have trouble opening and/or viewing the file; however, we will not be able to convert your file or otherwise provide technical support if there is a problem.

After the panel reviewer has viewed your video, they will delete it from Box as an additional security measure to maintain confidentiality.