Endorsement application to request endorsement in any of the endorsement categories. You are requested to mail the application fee of $375 (made payable to Wested) at the time you submit the completed application online.

Supplementary application ($75) to request category changes or additional endorsement categories. You must currently have an endorsement as TMHP, MHS, and be seeking a change such as ATMHP. MHS, RP I/II or Mentor.

Description of documents to prepare before uploading to the application include the following:

Resume – this will include education and work experience related to employment working with children ages 0-3 or/and 3-5 and their families.

Personal statement – a few paragraphs stating who you are, how you came to be working in this field and why you are seeking endorsement.

Learning narrative – outline of the training you received in the knowledge and experience domains.  This document shows the didactic clock hours of training for classes, workshops, conferences, and specialized training courses sorted into the appropriate knowledge areas of Domain I. The clinical experience/direct services to families and children ages 0-3 and/or 3-5 shows hours that were supported by the required amount of reflective practice supervision in Domain 2.

Reflective Practice Facilitation support hours provided by a supervisor using RPF competencies will be accepted for experience prior to January 1, 2017.  Hours after that date need to provided by a RPF endorsed by the CA Center.

If you completed a 2 or 3 year IECMH training program, you still need to submit the narrative.  See example narrative.  Inclusion of additional training hours is encouraged.

Documents – scan the training certificates, transcripts, and attendance documents for the knowledge domain.

Letters of recommendation – each endorsement requires letters from your supervisors that verify you meet the criteria requirements for each endorsement.  Using the same letter for the MHS/TMHP endorsement and the Reflective Practice Facilitator endorsement is not allowed.

Email verifications – reflective practice facilitator (RP I/II) endorsements require verification from people you provided reflective practice to.  The RP Mentor endorsement requires email verifications from people you mentored to become reflective practice facilitators.

Reflective practice mentoring video – for details on the expected content and format of the required 20-minute video demonstrating your facilitation skills with someone you are mentoring, Reflective Practice Mentor applicants can view the video guidelines.