Presenting a New Endorsement Application Manual!

The California Center for Infant-Family and Early Childhood Mental Health recently published its Endorsement Application Manual to help practitioners in the field complete the online application for all endorsement categories. The 22-page manual describes the various levels of endorsement, requirements for endorsement, and the application process.  Download the manual now.

The Number of California Endorsees Is Growing!

There are now 370 people who have received endorsement from the California Center. These practitioners, endorsed as either Transdisciplinary Mental Health Practitioners or Mental Health Specialists, have met the training and experience criteria established by the California Center. Many of these practitioners have also been approved as Reflective Practice Facilitators and Mentors. It is exciting that California is able to provide such a quickly growing list to the public, of the number of people who meet this high standard of work.  A full list organized by county is available here.